Pastor:  Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr.
Church Phone:   717-249-1624
Church Email:  waggonersumc@embarqmail.com
Pastor Rick's Email: pastorrickd@verizon.net

  1271 Longs Gap Road, Carlisle, PA 17013

August Calendar at a Glance

    2 –   Softball Championship Saturday at 
            Waggoner's Field with concession stand.
    5 –   Trustee Meeting - 7 PM
    8 –   Hoss’s Fund Raiser - 11 AM to 8 PM 
  14 –   Manor Care Bingo, Team # 1 - 7 PM
  16 –   8th Annual Gospel Fest
            Serving food at 4 PM, Concert 5 PM
  19 –   Lay Leadership Committee (Nominating) -
            7 PM
  21 –   Breakfast at Fairground Diner - 9 AM


Wednesdays – AA – 6:30 PM in SH
 Worship Team - 7:00 PM in Sanctuary
Fridays – Pastor’s Day Off

Mark your Calendar

   Sept. 2       Ladies Loyalty Class
   Sept. 7       Sunday School Resumes - 10:15 AM
   Sept. 8       Evening Bible Study
   Sept. 9       Morning Bible Study
   Sept. 13     Women’s Prayer Breakfast
   Sept. 20     Fall Chicken BBQ
   Sept. 27     Men’s Prayer Breakfast
   Oct. 5         World Wide Communion
Summer Schedule                              Bridge Cafe - 8:00-8:45  AM                           Worship - 9:00 AM

​ What does “Methodist” mean in United Methodist? The name “Methodist” was originally a derogatory term used by Anglicans to refer to the followers of John Wesley. They used this term because they tried to follow a “method” or a rule to grow in holiness. As Methodism spread to what is now the United States, this method followed. In the late 18th century, Jacob Albright became part of the Methodist Societies and translated the practices and teaching into German so the German speaking settlers on the frontier could understand these important teachings. Later this group became the Evangelical Association. It was out of that group that Waggoners Church was established.
  Once a week members of this association would meet in “class meetings” and encourage each other in this method of godly living. In the modern day United Methodist Church this has gone out of practice. The places it is being revived are many growing independent churches. Perhaps part of what we need to do is recover this method of growing in love and holiness together.
  This fall we will study the book – The Three Simple Rules – That Can Change the World. It explains the “method” of Methodism for modern times. The rules are simple: 1. Do no harm. 2. Do as much good as possible 3. Do the things you need to do to stay in love with God.
  If you think about it, the rules may be simple but living them out can be difficult. But if we keep the rules before us they can form guidance for our life, faith and service together. If we learn to follow these simple rules our decision making might be easier, our fellowship more joyful, and we can live in friendship with God, in fellowship with our neighbor and in service to the world.

A Message from Pastor Rick