Pastor:  Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr.
Church Phone:   717-249-1624
Church Email:  waggonersumc@embarqmail.com
Pastor Rick's Email: pastorrickd@verizon.net

  1271 Longs Gap Road, Carlisle, PA 17013

September Events

Mondays – Bible Study – 7 PM
Tuesdays – Bible Study – 9 AM

    2       Ladies Loyalty Class 
    7       Sunday School Resumes – 10:15 AM
    9       SPPRC Meeting
  11       Manor Care Bingo, Team 2
  13       Women’s Prayer Breakfast
  16       Administrative Council Mtg.
  17       Finance Committee Meeting
  18       Fellowship Breakfast
  20       Fall Chicken BBQ 
  22       Time for Tots
  23       Trustee Meeting
  27       Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  29       Time for Tots

Wednesdays – AA – 6:30 PM
Wednesdays - Worship Team - 7 PM
Fridays – Pastor’s Day Off
Sat. – Upwards Football – 9 AM - 2 PM


  Sept. 9        SPPRC
  Sept. 16      Admin Council
  Sept. 17      Finance Committee
  Sept. 23      Trustees

Fall Schedule Resumes Sept. 7, 2014      Bridge Cafe - 8:00-8:45 AM      Worship - 9:00 AM      Sunday School 10:15 AM

             Why on Earth are We Here?

   Often we get so busy in the everyday activities of life we lose sight of God’s purpose for us. We are bombarded with advertising encouraging us to accumulate more. We focus on success in our occupation and struggle to climb the ladder of success. We might become focused on the activities of our children and grandchildren and do all we can to encourage them in meeting their dreams. For some, just the struggle to put a roof over their head and food on the table seemingly takes all their effort. It’s easy to focus on many other things and lose sight of God’s direction for our life.
  When God called his people, he did promise to bless and to provide for them, however, with that blessing came responsibility. God’s purpose for his people is to become a blessing to others as they have been blessed. We are reminded that all that we have and all that we are, are gifts from God. They are given to us so that we might work with God in caring for this fragile earth which is our home, and caring for other people, all of whom are God’s children whom he loves. To accomplish this mission, God has given us spiritual gifts. Some of us may be gifted to organize, others to follow. Some are gifted to teach; others are gifted to serve. Some have the gift to listen, others the gift to encourage. Each of us are gifted in unique ways. 
  Whatever our spiritual gifts, they are not rewards for believing the right way, they are responsibilities to share in working with God to make the world a better place and care for all God’s children. In this way we become a blessing to others as God has blessed us.
  Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gift might be? If you have access to a computer one great way to get an idea is to take a simple test online. You can learn more about spiritual gifts and take a short spiritual gift assessment which will give you an idea of what your gifts are by going to this website:http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/spiritual-gifts.
Let’s encourage each other in our spiritual gifts that we can work together to become a blessing as we have been blessed.

A Message from Pastor Rick